Frequently Asked Questions


What type of care is available?

Unity Homes offers respite care, residential care, nursing care and dementia care. Each of our homes is specialised for specific types of care, to ensure residents are always supported by the right expertise and facilities. Please check our homes page to select the type of care you require.

How do I arrange a visit?

Here at Unity Homes, our doors are always open. You are welcome to pop in and speak to us at any time. Should you want a more in-depth tour or conversation with one of our home managers, please contact us to book an appointment.

How quickly can you help?

Once you have made a request for residency, and we have indicated there is a space available, our Director of Nursing undertakes an initial assessment. After this, all parties need to agree that our home can meet your requirements. Admission is then typically arranged in a matter of days subject to the necessary funds.

We know this can be a daunting time for new residents, so we offer the opportunity to move into our homes on a trial basis. Residents and their loved ones can then assess the suitability of the facilities before making their final decision.  

How much will it cost?

The total cost of care depends on the type of care required, type of accommodation and duration of your stay. Nursing and dementia care can be more expensive than residential care due to the specialist requirements. There are NHS contributions available. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Can you provide financial advice?

We can offer advice on how best to structure your finances over a period of time. We can also advise you on selling your home if this becomes the most viable option for the funding of care.

How does it work for couples?

We understand how important it is for couples who both require residential care to stay together. We have rooms available within our homes to accommodate this.

How long does it take to settle in?

It’s different for all our residents and we promise to take as much time as required to ensure you or your relative feels comfortable and at home. Our team have years of experience, easing residents into this new way of life. To help to create a more personalised space, we also encourage the residents to decorate their rooms with personal items such as photographs or trinkets.

How involved is the resident?

We value the opinion of our residents above all else. To ensure all queries and suggestions are discussed we hold regular resident meetings. Our residents’ forum meets with our team on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of care and facilities. Both residents and their relatives are invited to join this forum, to help us achieve an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere.

How often can I visit?

Our homes don’t operate restricted visiting hours – we are happy for loved ones to visit whenever, as often as they’d like. For the purposes of security, we do lock our front gates at 8pm. If visitors wish to stay longer, we ask them to please inform us beforehand so we can make suitable arrangements.

Creating a community for our residents is a top priority, which is why we encourage visitors to get stuck into any social events or activities held at the home.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions – no matter how big or small – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an individual home directly or with one of our friendly team members on 0333 444 4491 or via link below

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