Nutritional Dining
Unity Homes

At Unity Homes, we provide delicious, freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced meals. Ensuring our residential and nursing guests maintain a healthy diet is a top priority, which is why take into consideration specific dietary, medical and cultural requirements.

Dining at Unity Homes?

Nutritionally balanced 

A healthy, balanced diet is important to maintain personal well-being. Here at Unity Homes, we make sure all residents receive the correct number of calories and nutrients to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Freshly prepared

All food is freshly prepared by our in-house chefs, who create delicious menus tailored to personal preferences. Menus cater for all residents, taking into consideration any dietary or cultural requirements.

Social mealtimes

Although we allow residents flexibility in how they wish to eat, we do encourage dining to be a shared time. Residents can use our open dining rooms throughout the day and enjoy the social aspects of mealtimes.

Regular eating patterns

We understand that residents with dementia and those taking certain medicines can often struggle to stick to regular eating patterns. In these cases, our carers use specialist approaches to stimulate residents’ appetites and help them maintain healthy eating.

Talk to the team today

At Unity Homes, all residents are encouraged to have healthy, balanced mealtimes facilitated by our fantastic in-house chefs. To find out more about our nutritional programmes, contact us today on 0333 444 4491 or via the link below

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